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Understanding Ames And Deciphering Rove

Monday, August 13, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Given the big two stories of the day —Mitt Romney’s win and Karl Rove’s Exit, the guest list today is heavy with MSMers: Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter, Politico’s Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin, tthe Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, as well as former Deputy Assistant to the President Pete Wehner and RealClearPolitic’s Tom Bevan.

Victor Davis Hanson will also join me for his updated assessment on the surge. His take as of today:

Yet the universal human desire to be associated in the here and now with the assumed winning side – and to shun perceived defeat – trumps them all. Throughout this war, that natural urge explains most of the volatile and shifting views of our politicians, pundits and media as they scramble to readjust to the up-and-down daily news from Iraq.

And so it is with the latest positioning about the surge that to a variety of observers seems successful – at least for now.

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