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Thursday, January 20, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Los Angeles Times has a story on the proposed expenditure of $30 million of “stimulus funds” to purchase Los Angeles’ Union Station.

The reporter doesn’t bother to ask how this transaction provides new employment or any lasting benefit. It is obvious from the story that this is just a political ploy, part of the enormous waste represented by the High Speed Rail Project, about which Michael Barone writes today.

California Governor Jerry Brown wants voters to approve massive tax hikes in June. How in the world will anyone be persuaded to vote to tax themselves when dysfunctional local government, massive giveaways and boondoggles, and entrenched public employee unions demanding ever more of a shrinking pie are the the only constants in the state?

Answer: The tax hikes won’t, and shouldn’t pass. There is an ocean of public money already being gathered in in California. But it isn’t spent in the public interest, as the scam tram that is high speed rail shows.

That which should have been guilt –a subway to LAX or a high speed rail link between LA and Las Vegas– was never begun, and the blueprints now are for crazy schemes and bailouts of favored contractors. If Jerry is serious, he’ll end the giveaways and slash the state bureaucracy before he even thinks about asking for a tax hike.


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