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Two E-Mails And A Column

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E-mail #1:

You seem to be a strong supporter of Rudy. My question is: He is for gun control, for Gay marriage, for abortion, why should we even call him a republican, let alone support him? He seems to be more of a RINO than even McCain (though he is more honest about it).
E-mail #2:
Just wanted to note I’m a true neocon (voted twice for Bill C.), and one of the people most responsible for letting me “see the light” was Rudy. His tenure in NYC was nothing short of remarkable. I bought an apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan in ’89. I witnessed purse snatchings, squeegie shakedowns, Times Square filth and solicitation from prostitutes. Almost overnight, the change under Rudy was palpable.
I also used to read the NY Times, and remember well their attacks on every effort Rudy made early on to change the way the “ungovernable city” was governed. I clearly recall news stories quoting squeegie men saying “if I can’t make a living doing what I’m doing, I’ll have to go back to robbing and assaulting people”, as if there was no other honest way to make a living then scaring the bejesus out of every “bridge and tunnel” car driver trying to take his family to NYC for a day out.
Or the first time a murder involving a minority and a police officer took place. Rudy refused to see Al Sharpton at City Hall. “Why should I”, he said, “he has nothing to do with this.” The whales of outrage from the portly demagogue were announced across every city tabloid, but I knew right then that NYC was dealing with someone different.
Or the number of times I’d see a patient who had come to me to sign off on his “right” to continue receiving welfare payments and free medical care. “Why can’t you work?”, I would ask. I remember one answer like it was yesterday, “hey, I’ve been on welfare and methadone for twenty years, and I don’t plan on starting to work now.”
And I’m sure the liberal media will make no attempt to recall Rudy’s effort to stop a public institution supported with taxpayer dollars, the Brooklyn Museum, from displaying a picture of the blessed mother covered in cow manure. Rudy felt strongly that taxpayer dollars should not be used to offend any religion, and instead should be supported by private funds, but the Sarandons and Robbins were right there telling the mayor that this was a first amendent issue, and besides, a faulty Catholic was in no position to preach. (covenient to overlook separation of church and state when it serves your purpose, isn’t it?)
Lastly, I was so impressed by the man that I took to watching his daily press conferences on a public access station. You would have had to have seen it to believe how inane 99% of the questions were, and how well Rudy handled them all. (I can’t imagine Hilary handling such a press conference with anywhere near the aplumb) If, at any time, he became short with some dimwit for asking the same question for the eighth time, you could be sure to see that video highlight on the local 11pm newscast.
Hugh, I’m telling you, this guy is the real deal. No doubt, he must be a bear to work for, because he expects nothing less than the best results.
Isn’t that what we all crave in a leader?
The big two elicit strong reactions.  If Giuliani and Romney began a series of debates/conversations –just the two of them– the attention would be overwhelming and the electorate impressed.  The race for the GOP nomination has narrowed very quickly because the stakes are so incredibly high, and the serious voters want to get to the serious questions quickly.  Romney and Giuliani ought to oblige them.


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