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Two Domestic Jihadist Plots In Two Months

Saturday, June 2, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

It must be time to issue probationary 601(h) visas to millions of illegals in the country regardless of their country of origin or their ideology.

The New York Times notices the deep split in the GOP ranks (and also reports that the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot has rejected the National Review’s invitation to debate the immigration bill.)

The big split within the GOP is over the security provisions of the bill which are simply not serious, and the arguments in their defense which aren’t persuasive.

The Fort Dix Six and the Kennedy Airport Four (plus one TB patient) are illustrating in serial fashion that the U.S. has a huge security problem that begins with its porous borders.  Legitimizing thousands of hostiles in our midst –even though the vast majority of 601(h)ers are here just to work and raise families– is a non-starter to every realist about the terrorist threat facing the country.

UPDATE: As per usual, Hot Air is running rings around the MSM coverage of the latest plot.

The complaint against Defreitas is here.

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