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Two Contests: SuperDuane and the Bump List

Monday, June 19, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

First, I have approximately 200 tickets to give away to the “Red Cape Screening” of Superman Returns, which will be held on June 27, 2006 at the Edwards’ Theaters at Irvine Spectrum, where the 5 and 405 meet in orange County. Winners will be admitted only if they are wearing red cape when they arrive to pick up their tickets.

How to win? Simply submit a photoshopped likeness of producer Duane’s head on the body of Superman in some suitably heroic setting. Photoshopping new heads on villains earns extra points. Which heads, you ask?

Oh, Peeps and Lileks would be good nominees, but I wouldn’t want to limit creativity.

Duane’s head and some other useful likenesses appear at

Send you entries to, and

The second contest will give a way a new TiVo and a year’s subscription to the service each day this week. You can enter via an e-mail that provides a themed bumper music playlist –happy songs, depressed songs, songs to cheer up Democrats, DailyKos songs, Iraq War songs…whatever. Each playlist entry must be 10 songs long (no more or less) and include group and song title. If you intend the bump to start at some particular place in the tune, declare as much.

TiVo giveaway entries shoudl be sent to,, and You can enter as often as you like, and the entries are good for all five giveaways.

Better hurry if you want to be in on today’s winner.

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