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Two Columns, One War

Sunday, February 18, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

If today you read Mark Steyn and Jonathan Chait back-to-back, you will glimpse the problem the country faces.

Steyn’s subject is the war, and full of specific data concerning it. While full of his trademark humor, Mark is very gloomy about the country’s present path, and certain that defeat would be disastrous.

Chait’s subject is Rudy Giuliani, but he uses the war as a way to enhance the snark about the presidential candidate whose popularity obviously concerns him.  Chait is serious about beginning the effort to diminish Rudy, just as others from the MSM have been busy attempting to diminish Mitt Romney with the “Mormon flip-flopper” meme.  But he isn’t serious about the war at all.  Almost no one on the left is anymore.

Chait is a younger version of William Odom: Unconcerned with the facts of life under Saddam, oblivious to the consequences for Iraq and the region if the U.S. were to withdraw, and indifferent to the consequences for Americans of defeat.

There is a vast divide between the serious and the silly.  A divide that is easy to see, impossible to deny, and certain to lead to disaster if the silly are other than a source of amusement or an object of scorn.


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