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Two Authors And A Candidate (Maybe…With Your Urging)

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My Monday Washington Examiner column makes the case for Steyn for Senate.  Sign the petition here.

My Monday show will feature two authors.

The Great One, Mark Levin, will spend the last hour of the program discussing his new The Liberty Amendments with me.  

Don’t miss this. On my program last week (transcript here), Ohio’s Governor John Kasich joined the growing chorus of folks calling for the states to demand a convention.  Other key conservative opinion leaders from the genuine grassroots like Michael Farris and Mark Mckler are making the same case for a state-called convention of states. Mark Levin’s extraordinarily carefully argued case for proceeding demands close attention from anyone serious about the Republic’s future.

I will also be kicking off my first extended book study in a couple of years on Monday.  Once every couple of years I find a book that would serve small groups and book clubs around the country very, very well, especially those that are organized as an extension of church or shared faith beliefs.  Such a book is The Poverty of Nations by Dr. Wayne Grudem and Dr. Barry Asmus.  Dr. Asmus is a highly respected economist. Dr. Grudem perhaps the country’s most esteemed evangelical systematic theological.  Together they have attacked the problem of how best to help the world’s poor, and have done so in a comprehensive, readable, scripturally sound and provocative way. Tomorrow conversation with Dr. Grudem is an introduction to the book and to my plan of study and broadcast, a plan that will be beginning the first week in September.  That first week in September and for the next eight weeks thereafter I will spend two segments a week with Dr. Grudem reviewing a chapter in the book, and thus urge you to get the book and get started and get ahead of our weekly conversations.  Get your book group to do the same.  World poverty can be alleviated if not ended, and in ways that are comprehensive and scripturally sound.  It isn’t enough to earnestly desire to help the poor, and while missions work is crucial and an obligation on every believer, so too is an understanding of the changes countries must make to liberate their people from the grinding pain and suffering of deep poverty.

And if you, like me, hated economics in college, this is the book for you because it breaks own the arcane and makes it easy to grasp and apply even as it backs up the key lessons with sound theological teaching. I doubt you’d find a serious theologian in the world who would argue Dr. Grudem’s chops on such things.  So basically you and your book/small group are being offered free the course you all need but don’t know how to conduct.  Tell your pastors(s), priests and rabbis as well that they need to tackle this subject now.  It isn’t enough to feel for the poor.  We are obliged to help them.  really ehlp them.

So order The Poverty of Nations for yourself and your small group and get busy.  It is finely written and organized as one would expect from such a pair of accomplished authors and experts.  I think we will aim our weekly conversations for Tuesday afternoon so as to feather in with Wednesday morning or night groups which are the norm for a lot of people.  You’ve got a couple of weeks to get organized…so get organized.


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