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“Tucker,” at 6:00

Monday, August 28, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

I’ll be on “Tucker,” the 6 PM EST edition, with Sam Seder and Laura somethingorother..  It sounded unwatchable to me given the cross talk.  As per usual, the lefties don’t like facts, and talk over argument.  To the proposition that Katrina sealed George Bush’s political fate, I posed the question: Could anyone name a natural disaster from FDR’s or Lincoln’s tenure? Of course not.  Neither could anyone come up with the figure of dollars actually appropriated by Congress to Katrina relief, released by the Bush Adminsitration, and actually spent by state and local authrities:

So far, Congress has approved $110 billion in hurricane aid. The Bush administration has released $77 billion to the states, reserving the rest for future needs, but $33 billion of that has not yet been spent.

Fact-free tv, the last refuge of the left.

Tucker is a smart and very able television host, but I can’t imagine this sort of segment building audience.



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