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Trump Talk

Tuesday, April 19, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Pete Wehner, quickly becoming the most interesting of the Bush alums working as a public intellectual:

Donald Trump, in other words, is, when it comes to politics, shallow, inconsistent, egotistical, and buffoonish. By comparison he makes Ross Perot seem substantial, well-informed, and stable. Right now Trump’s support is based on a combination of name recognition, his skill at self-promotion, and his perceived tough talk. But once Republican and conservative voters begin to peek behind the curtain, this silly game will be over. Trump’s support will evaporate like the morning mist

Read the whole thing. The Washington Post ought to do the obvious thing and add Wehner to their list of daily bloggers alongside Jen Rubin and to balance out the Klein-Sargent pairng from the left.

I fear a hostile takeover of Commentary.


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