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Trevino: Tears for the Devil

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A guest post from Josh Trevino:

Question: is any major event not fodder for the online left’s complaints about the Administration of George W. Bush? They are, to be sure, by and large obsessive cultists in form and effect; but surely reason may kick in at points. One gets the impression of a class of people who wake up, drink their coffee, go to shave, cut themselves, and promptly curse the war in Iraq. The monomania simply does not end — and the execution of Saddam Hussein is no different. I have already expressed my dislike for executions: but I also retain the bare capacity for rationality that allows me to understand the end of the dictator as a fundamental good.

The leftist “netroots”? Not so much.

A quick survey of what’s up front at DailyKos right now — c.9:30pm PDT — yields a slew of reader diaries denouncing the execution of Saddam Hussein(!), and/or using it as a jumping-off point to circle against the real enemy. That’s George W. Bush, of course. A sampling follows — and these are the diaries, not the comments:

  • I want the whole world to be reminded that Saddam’s evil excesses were made possible with the aid of BushCo officials.
  • [P]lease tell me what f—— moral standing does the US (or any other country for that matter) have to go into another country and do what we just did to Saddam? The fact that it is the US – that “shining beacon of freedom” is even worse. What does that say? What message does that send? And who made us World Police anyway? This is a mockery of justice.
  • Why would I write an obituary for Saddam Hussein? Because he was a human being. He did some horrible things while he was alive, but he was still human. By murdering him we have become no better than he was.
  • The administration will, in due course, stand to account for a war crime committed in Iraq by executing the Iraqi dictator.
  • There a lot of great diaries about the execution of Saddam. However, in the few that I’ve read, little emphasis has been placed on the real reason Saddam had to be executed now, before the New Year … Politics and the rush to war, this time Iran, compels Bush to execute Saddam now. Bush will squint and glare towards Iran with…Saddam Swinging as Visual Backdrop….
  • So, overall, did my life change with the execution of Saddam? Only time will tell… if South Park does a really funny episode on it that I can watch on YouTube, I think I can say yes. Otherwise, no. My life is no different in a world without Saddam.
  • Recall that when the President was still governor of Texas, he never met a death sentence he didn’t like. Uh isn’t that the same sort of justice that cost Saddam his life? … Saddam’s regime was found guilty of killing 148 Shiite villagers. The purpose of those deaths reportedly was to suppress insurrection … Now let’s turn our attention to Iraq as it stands today. Most estimates place the number of Iraqi casualties
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