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“Translating Bill Keller”

Friday, August 26, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The New York Times’ Bill Keller got the attention he so obviously craved, and many denunciations of his absurd call for a McCarthy-lite inquisition into the religious beliefs of GOP presidential candidates are piling up.

The estimable Joe Carter has one at First Things, as does Alana Goodman at Commentary. Others are about and hopefully will grow in number and detail. My own take from yesterday remains fixed: Keller’s self-regard and his obvious double standard highlight the religious bigotry he hoped to launch in so clear a fashion that the attempt to get the MSM mob moving towards Rick Perry’s prayer book is genuinely humorous even as it is repulsive.

What is astonishing on a further day’s reflection is that Keller’s sense of self-importance is so wholly out of proportion to his grasp of the issue of the place of religious belief in presidential politics or the Constitution. He doesn’t seem to have read anything or done any work on the subject, consulted any experts or even bothered to do much beside send off some emails to candidates he assumed would be obliged to answer him, the Executive Editor of the New York Times.

Keller’ style, you see, is Obama’s style, and Obama’s Keller’s. They rule and summon and expect to be persuasive even without any serious attempt to persuade and even as they demonstrate deep ignorance of the subjects on which they declaim with authority.

It would take a Swift to do justice to the Manhattan-Beltway media elite and their president and his academic acolytes. Mockery of their collective pretension is the best course, at least until November 2012 rolls around.

The Commissioner should light the Iowahawk beacon.

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