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Transcript of the Vice President’s Interview

Friday, January 20, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

with me is up at So is the audio.

Also this hour, an interview with editor Jim Brady.

Combined with the three interviews of the would be Majority Leaders Blunt, Boehner and Shadegg this week, interviews with Secretary of the Army Francis Harvey, Mark Steyn, Texas Senator John Cornyn, CNN’s Ed Henry, retired SEAL and brother of terroism victim Rober Stetham Ken Stethem, House Rules Chair and leader of the reform task force David Dreier, Lileks, Fred Barnes and Morton Kondracke on the news of the week, and Frank Gaffney on the growing threat from Iran, and Slate’s Mickey Kaus and Instapundit on the blogging meltdown at the Post, it was a pretty interesting week.

Rapid response radio. Comprehensive blogging. New media.

Or you could watch Larry King.

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