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Torricelli; McGreevey; Menendez: The New Jersey Question

Wednesday, March 15, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The question for New Jersey voters is are they finally sick enough of the parade of compromised pols to act to begin to clean the stables in November? If so, they will send New Jersey State Senator Tom Kean to the United States Senate. If not, Morton’s steakhouse in Washington D.C. will continue to do a great business:

In addition to the $80,285 Menendez spent at Morton’s in Washington since 2001, he spent $3,700 at Morton’s in Hackensack, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and San Juan.

Powerline’s Scott Johnson spotted a two part series on new New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez’s love of the good life, by Herb Jackson of the New Jersey Herald News. Part One and Part Two are not to be missed.

When you finish reading them, drop by Tom Keane’s website and make a contribution towards cleaning up the Senate.

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