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Tony Snow on Tuesday’s Vote, Judges, and Immigration

Thursday, November 9, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The transcript of my interview with Tony Snow is here.

We cover a number of subjects, and his reactions to my questions about the fence will not make border security firsters very happy, and the anti-amnesty crowd will be very displeased.

We danced on judges.  For the GOP to make any progress here at all, they need to begin now, and force some nominees –especially Keisler– out of the Judiciary Committee during the lame duck session, followed by floor votes.Then a constant focus must be kept on Patrick Leahy’s four corners’ offense.  He will never hold a vote he doesn’t have to, so if the Senate GOP doesn’t start now to demand fairness in that body, it will never arrive.  The only way to get a fair shake for any SCOTUS nominee if one should be called for is to have already explained for the public how the operations at the Judiciary Committee are supposed to work.

The unbroken tradition of the United States Senate is to give a floor vote to any SCOTUS nominee who requests one.  Abe Fortas was delayed for a few days and withdrew.

No SCOTUS nominee has ever been denied an up-or-down vote if the nominee wanted one.  That’s the historical and constitutional standard.  The GOP needs to get that message out now, not when the battle arrives

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