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Tom Tancredo To Hewitt: “No Mas, No Mas”

Wednesday, April 4, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From Tom Tancredo’s presidential campaign “official” website:

Of over 25 radio programs that Congressman Tancredo was on yesterday, it was The Hugh Hewitt Show that had the chance to illuminate an issue that millions of Americans support us on, but instead he chose to educate Tancredo about the merits of supporting an illegal alien amnesty bill.

After talking with Tancredo he told me his response to Hewitt’s show: “Why would we come back on his show? I know it makes good radio to be engaged in an hour for a yelling match with him, but it is not a good use of our time. We will not come back on the program.”

I have no way of knowing if Tom said this, or if this is in fact Tom’s response to Monday’s interview. The bolded statement is a blatant lie, however, and the transcript is here to prove it.  If uncorrected, it will speak volumes about the honesty of the campaign. 

I am hearing that some folks will be entering Colorado’s 6th District GOP primary, and that Tom’s protest campaign could well cost him his very safe seat.  If he’s serious, he should do what Congressman Hunter has done: Renounce his seat and let the district pick a successor rather than keep a chair warm for him.

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