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Tom Brokaw is 68; Bob Schieffer is 71; Jim Lehrer is 73

Tuesday, August 5, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

At least the Veeps-to-be-named-later get Gwen Ifill who is only 52.

In all of American journalism they couldn’t find one moderator under 40?

Or even 50?

Or one outside the deadly boring conventions of the MSNM that is dying before our eyes for lack of interest?

UPDATE: Duane asks: Why not Walter? I’m worried that a distraught Dan Rather may try and crash the debates. But a listener writes:

I’m listening to you in the office and I think that you missed an opportunity regarding the hosts for the debates. Why would they go with someone younger when the media has demonstrated here that clearly they have chosen age and experience over youth and charisma. See, even the msm understands it, despite being in the bag for Barak.

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