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Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Daniel AyalonColumnist to the world Mark Steyn.  Sith blogger James Lileks.

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From Mark Steyn:

MS: I think this is why the Europeans and the Arabs suddenly have gone very quiet, and in fact, have been supportive of Israel, because they understand…the Arabs, after indulging in this post-modern fear-mongering for 60 years, that Israel is an entire threat to the region. Suddenly, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia see that there’s a real threat, not a pseudo-threat to the region, that they are going to be living per force under an Iranian-dominated region. That in fact, the last 50 years will just have been a brief interlude of Arab independence between living as subjects of the Ottoman Empire, and now being subject to a kind of de facto apocalyptic Iranian Empire.

HH: Do you think that’s clicking in, Mark Steyn?

MS: I think that’s absolutely what is prompted the extraordinary Arab League statement, and the circumspection of the European leaders. They both understand that if Tehran, in a year’s time, Tehran could have missiles that can hit any European capitol. And they don’t want to do anything about it, but if Israel wants to set back that program, they’re not going to complain.

HH: Now many people have suspected that Iran launched Hezbollah on its self-destructive mission last week as a diversion from the U.N.’s action against its program. There’s also been in this time frame over the last 60 days, a huge uptick in the slaughter in Iraq. And today, 59 people killed by a suicide bomber promising them jobs. How much of the Iraqi instability, Mark Steyn, do you put down to other Iranian adventurism?

MS: Well, I think that’s absolutely part of the equation here, that Iran exercises its powers, and looses its proxies to their full extent. That’s what they’re doing in Iraq at the moment, that’s what they’re doing in Southern Lebanon. And the question, of course, for everybody else, is if they’ve got a rifle, they’ll shoot it across the border at you. If they’ve got these rockets, they’ll lob them at Haifa. A year or two down the line, what are they going to have? And what are they going to be doing with that? That’s the question.


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