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Today’s Interview With Rudy

Wednesday, January 2, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The complete transcript is here. Key graphs:

HH: Now Mayor, there’s an analysis that in New Hampshire, you and Senator McCain are basically competing for the same votes as the war candidate. And so if that is someone’s number one concern, the war on terror, why ought they to vote for you rather than Senator McCain?

RG: Well, I think the experience that I’ve had dealing with safety and security all my life, having the responsibility for the safety and security of millions of people on my shoulders when I was mayor of New York City, as well as my experience in the Justice Department as associate attorney general, dealing with law enforcement in various parts of the world, the experience that I’ve had negotiating with governments over law enforcement matters. I think I’ve had a full range of experience that puts me in a position to keep this country on offense against Islamic terrorism.

HH: Is executive experience qualitatively better for preparing someone for the presidency than legislative?

RG: I think executive experience is something that voters look to quite a bit when they consider a president. It kind of follows the pattern of most of the presidents that have been selected recently.

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