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Time Magazine’s Nancy Gibbs

Friday, May 11, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Time’s Nancy Gibbs is my guest at the top of the program today.  Her article on the debate about Mitt Romnney’s Mormon faith featured A Mormon In The White House and has been judged generally fair by the folks who have been following the anti-Mormon bigotry that has slipped into the MSM like MyManMitt and Article VI Blog.

I expect the audience for the 60 Minutes interview will be healthy given the collective “Huh?” over Mike Wallace’s questions, an audience  which will continue Romney’s roll of good media fortune that began with the Leno appearance 10 days back.  If he doesn’t stumble in the Columbia debate, the big “Mitt meet” set for May 15-16 should yield excellent results and the Memorial Day milepost will be met with a sense that the Romney campaign emerged from the first five months of the campaign in an excellent position from which to head into a long summer when a less than attentive public laregly goes on vacation from the stuff of politics.  The fundraising and organizing will go on, and the talking heads will certainly not stop talking –or blogging– but to get to the start of summer with the wind at your back is a very good thing indeed.

Which is why I expect at least a couple of the other camps to try and land some blows on Romney on Tuesday night.  It should be a very interesting evening..

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