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Time Magazine’s Analysis: Disgusting IMs v. Judicial Imperialism

Thursday, October 26, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Where does MSM get these people?  Perry Bacon at

In terms of so-called “October Surprises” that might affect the election, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruling that opens the door to gay marriage certainly ranks below the congressional page scandal involving former Florida Rep. Mark Foley. But the decision could be a welcome boost for a White House and congressional Republicans who are worried about firing up the conservative base of their party.

There remains zero evidence that the conseravtive base won’t vote because of Foley.  None.

So a lede like this underscores the trend this year to substitute MSM wishes for facts.

The New Jersey diktat is a very big deal, underscoring as it does the left’s assault on constitutional majoritarianism as well as traditional marriage, and reminding voters that every vote for any Democratic senator is a vote against marriage as a Democratic majority in the Senate puts loopy Patrick Leahy back in charge of the Judiciary Committee.

John Paul Stevens is 86; Justice Ginserg 73; Justices Scalia and Kennedy 70; Justice Breyer 69; and Justice Souter 67.

The senators elected in 12 days could conceivably vote –in just their six-year term ahead– on replacements for most or even all of them.

The New Jersey declaration from on high focuses the mind on the stakes.  If Time wants to think voters are so stupid as to think the Foley scandal equal in the mind of coservative voters to the issue of staffing the courts, it can do so.

But that line only tells you much about Time scribblers, and nothing about center-right voters.

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