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Three Years From Today We Begin The Final Week Of The Hillary V. _____ Campaign: Will The U.S. Elect The Grandmother Of Obamacare?

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I am beginning my prep for the inevitable campaign by reordering John Podhoretz’s Can She Be Stopped, which, while it was perhaps premature in 2006, is anything but today.  I don’t know if he is working on an update.  I hope so.

I did take the opportunity this week to ask Politico’s Maggie Haberman –an excellent reporter who had just written a story about how Hillary’s new campaign team would have to evolve from the 2008 edition– to list Hillary’s “accomplishments” as Secretary of State.  The transcript of that conversation is here. It isn’t too early for the GOP to point to the obvious: Hillary presided over a woeful four years in American foreign policy, just like she presided over the first failed launch of Obamacare.  Whatever her strengths as a candidate –and they are many– as the CEO of big things she has failed, utterly and with diasterous consequences. Then there are those other issues….

Enough of that.  I am off the radio today for some minor repair work on a back that reflects four decades of increasingly slow but persistent running, so Congressman John Campbell will be in for the first two hours to explain why Congress was an accomplice to the murder of American health care and is shocked to find itself in the dock.

And preparations for my rollout of The Happiest Life continue, and in fact are far smoother than those that preceded the launch of Obamacare.  I have received no warnings of glitchs or outright doom that I have had to ignore.  But help is still welcome.  No Obama/Sebelius arrogance here.  Preorder your New Year’s Resolution today and it will arrive on your doorstep 12/31 just in time to arrange for a happier 2104.

If you would like to hot-swap some code as part of the Thomas Nelson “Launch Team” for the book –think of it as the equivalent of the Google boys parachuting in to save Obamacare– and you have social media cred and tools, then fill this form out and submit it in to the publisher.  You get a free book, other stuff, and health care.  Well not health care.  But we can send you a link to the exchange.  Better yet, a link to the transcript of my interview with the amazing Charles Krauthammer this week on his new book, or to the New York Times’ Peter Baker on his excellent new book reviewing the Bush-Cheney years, or –speaking of hot swapping code– to my chat with Mark Steyn on the self same subject.

And if you missed my on air battle with the Los Angeles Times’ Michael Hiltzik, all the audio is here, and all the transcripts are here.  The Times did some penance for Hiltzik’s absurd scribblings on Obamacare’s majesty by publishing a fine op-ed a couple of days back by one of the millions of screwed, whose legions are growing daily, and none of whom, I think it is safe to say, is favorably disposed to the grandmother of Obamacare –Hillary.

Have a great weekend.  Here, for a help to your relaxation, is a link to the Jorge Luis Borges story, “The Library of Babel,” that Dr. Krauthammer cited in our chat.



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