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Three Funny Things

Tuesday, May 16, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Dave Barry’s “24” Blog

The score of the Cavs-Pistons Game: 74-72.

And the Washington Post’s editorial praising the president’s speech, and referring to the House bill this way:

Mr. Bush will have to push hard to achieve legislation closer to the Senate vision. He responded weakly when the House passed its draconian measure; he may not have the political strength now to resist it. But last night was a good start.

I don’t think the president intended to begin a campaign against the House billl last night, but that he could have left such an impression underscores that the speech had flaws.

I have confirmed with a senior White House source this morning that the president is for robust fencing in urban areas –as exists in El Paso and San Diego– and for vehicle barriers in rural areas. Perhaps Assistant Secretary Myers didn’t get the memo.

So if the Sessions amendment passes this week, the immigration bill will have the one essential element it needs and the summer/fall campaign can focus on national security and the economy, not illegal immigration. (Note that Senator Clinton is speaking for a “smart fence,” a sure sign that the sweet spot in this debate begins and ends with at least two layers of fence along hundreds of miles of border in urban and near-urban areas.)

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