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Three Conversations: Ron Howard, Victor Davis Hanson, and Peter Beinart

Wednesday, January 28, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Three transcripts are posted from yesterday’s program.

The first is a conversation about Frost/Nixon with director Ron Howard.

Then follows back-to-back chats with Victor Davis Hanson and Peter Beinart about the early foreign affairs moves by President Obama.

I spent most of 1978-1980 with Richard Nixon, first in San Clemente and then NYC, so of course I was interested in the film, even though I arrived after the interviews were completed.

I was around to watch Nixon watch the slow collapse of the Shah’s regime and the Iranian revolution. I am amazed at Beinart’s enthusiasm for an outreach to the mullahs, and agree with Hanson’s skepticism.

In recent days, Michael Ledeen has been reminding anyone who can read that there is a long history of overtures to the Iranian theocracy, and it has always ended badly for the U.S.

But now with the Iranians on the brink of nuclear weapons such an outreach is wildly ill-timed, when only a resolute and united West can possibly deter the Iranians from the last steps in the process, and thus Israel from intervening.

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