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Thomas Edsall, Unplugged

Friday, September 22, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Diogenes, put down that lantern.

Thomas Edsall spent 25 years at the Washington Post, retiring this year from his post as senior political correspondent. He has affiliated with The New Republic and Columbia School of Journalism, and now has a new book out, Building Red America. He joined me for the second hour of today’s program, and he provided extraordinarily candid answers to a range of questions about his politics and biases, as well as those of MSM generally. The audio will be posted here. The transcript is already posted here.  Som excerpts of interest:

HH: Have you ever voted for a GOP presidential candidate?

TE: I don’t think so, no.

HH: Okay. Are you pro-choice?

TE: Yes.

HH: Even as to partial birth abortion, late term abortions?

TE: If the life of the mother is threatened, or if the child is going to be severely disabled, I would give it serious consideration.

HH: Do you own a gun?

TE: No, but I’m not against guns, and…well, in any rate, but you can ask gun questions.

HH: Do you favor same sex marriage?

TE: Not particularly.

HH: Do you think that liberal judges who decree that it’s in the Constitution have erred?

TE: Probably.


HH: Now on this program some time ago, Terry Moran, one of the Beltway correspondents, ABC senior correspondent…

TE: Yeah.

HH: …said that in the media, there is a deep suspicion, even hostility of the military. Do you agree with him that the media is really very suspicious of the military?

TE: A little less than it used to be, but there is a suspicion.


HH: Yeah, but I’m talking about Ned…do you think Jane Hamsher’s one of the nut cases on the web?

TE: I think if…I’m not familiar with her stuff, but if she put a blackface of…

HH: Joe Lieberman.

TE: Joe Lieberman on the web, that’s pretty fruitball.I don’t know what you want to call it.

HH: And what about Ned Lamont who campaigns with her?

TE: Does he actually campaign with her?

HH: She has appeared with him at a number of places. She has traveled with him. She is not on his staff. She’s just a very visible supporter.

TE: Has he been asked to renounce that?

HH: Yes. He did not…to my knowledge, he never renounced it, never answered the question. She dropped out of sight until after the primary. She’s back, you know, blogging for Lamont again.

TE: Well, I would think that he should be asked what his views are towards that. And if he does not, it was totally inappropriate, and that he does not want it associated with his campaign. But that’s a mark against him.


TE: And I agree that whatever you want to call it, mainstream media, presents itself as unbiased, when in fact, there are built into it, many biases, and they are overwhelmingly to the left.


HH: Is there any big name political reporter, and you know them all, Thomas Edsall. That’s why your book, Building Red America, is getting read left and right. Are there any of them who are conservative?

TE: Big name political reporter?

HH: Right.

TE: Jim Vandehei of the Washington Post.

HH: Think he’s voted for Republicans for president?

TE: Yes, I think he has. I don’t know, because he’s never told me. But I would think he has.

HH: And so, of those sorts

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