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This Ugly Morning

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Yesterday some cowardly SOB decided he wanted to kill a bunch of little girls.  Let’s be realistic here, this is a new level of scumbaggery for these terrorist jerks.  Not satisfied with tourists or business people or even just the general public, they went after a concert crowd.  You know, a concert crowd with a known and specific demographic, a concert crowd that was predictably young and female.  The suicide aspect of this mess is way too good for this “perp.” (I am having a very hard time controlling my language right now.)  I know, public executions are barbaric but if anyone deserved it this guy did, and anyone that helped him select this target still does.  Honestly, the chopping block at the Tower of London would be good for this bunch.  If you have a hard time finding someone to wield the ax, give me a call.

And that is not even what I am most upset about this morning.  As I read through my news feeds this AM I found almost as many Trump bashing stories as  I did stories on the Manchester concert bombing.  And no, I’m not going to link to them.  I don’t care what you think about the job Donald Trump is doing right now, this is a time to unite behind the office, regardless of who occupies it.  The young, innocent and hopeful of our greatest ally were attacked yesterday, should that not be enough to suspend the bickering for a few hours?

Or are we so self-absorbed, so consumed with our own interests, that we find the news “sad,” but “there is still that guy I hate in the White House and I just can’t live with myself.”  Guess what – this is not about you!  And the worst part is when we carry on like this they win because we cannot get our act together enough to beat the bas&^%$s.  What’s it going to take people?  Is this not close enough to home?  Does it have to be a concert here rather than England? Or will a little girl in your particular life have to be killed?  Honestly, the most frightening aspect of what I am seeing this morning is not that terrorists want to kill us and our children, but that we are so enclosed in our tiny little bubbles that we refuse to see it.

One more time – without God we are a really screwed-up mess.  If nothing else, acknowledging God acknowledges that we are not the end-all and be-all of existence – that the world is bigger than what we experience and those we care about.

Please, I implore you, take a minute today to really consider what happened last night.  Don’t just let it pass past your eyes like the fashion or sports news.  Think about it.  Imagine yourself in a crowd in front of your local arena for whatever event you enjoy most.  Now imagine hearing a boom and feeling shrapnel of the hardware store variety tearing through you.  Yes, if you do it is going to make you cry.  It should also make you seethe just a bit.  But that is what happened.

I know, you want to be happy.  Well guess what, life has interceded and this is not an appropriate time to be happy.  This is an appropriate time to mourn.  This is an appropriate time to seek justice.  This is an appropriate time to unite as a nation to obtain that justice.  If we can’t I truly fear for the future.


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