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“This is not a game.”

Thursday, October 6, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That’s what the president declared this morning.

Of course it is a game, one designed by the president, and of course the president can deny this reality again and again, but it won’t matter. We know. He knows we know. But he also knows his abysmal performance in office combined with no evidence of his capacity to change towards policies that encourage private sector economic growth box him into appeals to his base, its Alinskyite true believer branch and its cynical-we-need-to-stay-in-power branch.

The best response is dismissive laughter. The president is acting like a petulant teenager being told “no,” for the very first time. His tantrums are becoming more frequent and his rhetoric more and more amusing. It is very much a game –to him, and he is losing. To the tens of millions who are watching their hope of getting new or better jobs, it isn’t a game, but neither will they be fooled by the presidents faux concern.

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