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“This is a preparation for eliminating the Brotherhood.”

Saturday, July 27, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

That ominous quote, from Professor Emad Shahin, a political science professor at the American University in Cairo, is part of the New York Times’ account of the killings In Egypt.

The Washington Post’s account is here.  The Guardian’s here.

Egypt is now in the beginning phases of a showdown between the Brotherhood and other Islamist groups and every other force in the country.

The president is, typically, nowhere to be seen or heard, “leading from behind,” and even though Commentary’s Jonathan Tobin is correct to note that “there shouldn’t be any doubt about whom the U.S. should be backing,” there is indeed considerable doubt, which should astonish every American who has read The Looming Tower.

If you haven’t done so, now would bea good time to read about the roots of the Brotherhood and its decades-long struggle to seize power in Egypt.

Send a copy to the president while you are at it.



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