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Things Turn Ugly – Fast!

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Well, the consensus is Justice-Nominee Kavanaugh will get through but its going to be a tough slog.  Fair enough – but things have turned really ugly really fast.  Bernie Sanders is leading protestsKamala Harris is being just…, well…follow the link and come your with your own adjective.  Some protests have been described as “tense,” and the video is not pretty.

Best as I can tell this is small scale stuff so it is not likely to have a big impact, my issue is how ugly, how very ugly, it is.  As far as I am concerned, Senator Harris should be censured – there is just no call for being that rude – it demeans the government generally and the institution of the Senate.

Then we have the incredibly specious arguments.  The Constitution and the Federalist Papers make plain that the president is indeed immune from prosecution prior to a successful vote of impeachment by the Senate.

None of this is debate or disagreement – it is obfuscation and intimidation.  As Glenn Reynolds said about yet another story of liberal rudeness, “IF THEY CAN’T KEEP PEOPLE ON THE PLANTATION WITH PERSUASION, THEY’LL DO IT WITH SOCIAL INTIMIDATION”

But there are always people that don’t get it – what concerns me is the amount of press devoted to all this.

As the host is fond of saying, “That which gets rewarded gets repeated.”  Press coverage is the reward in this circumstances for it adds an imprimatur of legitimacy to these otherwise illegitimate activities.  Senator Harris will be able to wave the story above in front of some groups of her supporters as a bona fide.  But if it wasn’t covered, it would just be a story she could tell that we might or might not choose to believe.  A few hundred people making fools of themselves in front of Trump Tower or the Supreme Court building is just a few hundred people acting silly unless the press covers it – then its “a protest.”

As I have said many times there is more going on here than politics.  There is a rot in the soul of the nation.  And those of us that consume this “news” are just as rotted as the actors.  It gets covered because it gets read and it gets viewed.  We have to stop doing that.  In the end we, not the press, are the ones doling out the reward; even if we are just looking to point out how silly it all really is.

I am tired of “good television.”  Can we just have a good debate?


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