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There’s “Hope,” And Then There’s “Hope.”

Monday, March 24, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

An e-mailer today pointed me to Benedict XVI’s 1990 book, Co-Workers of the Truth. It is a book of daily meditations. Here is a portion of the entry for March 18:

March 18th entry: In our time, the word “hope” has become a kind of magnet that attracts to itself all manner of intellectual movements. … Since the revolution of 1789 and even more through the teachings of Hegel and Marx, the dominant theme of world history has become the building of a new world…. No century before ours has known such brutal means of torture, murder, and human self destruction…. Christian hope has nothing to do with anarchy or fanaticism…. To be a Christian means to be realistic. The Christian does not flee to utopia and does not let the present world go to ruin in the name of utopias. His life is built day by day on love and responsibility. Without such Christian realism and the humble love in the small coins of everyday life, the great treasure of new life and its eternal love cannot come into being.

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