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There Stands Hillary, Like A Stonewall, Part 2: Why Hillary Should Release The Names Of The Hsu Network Funding Her Campaign

Thursday, September 6, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

As noted below, Hillary’s campaign is stonewalling media requests for the names and amounts of bundled campaign contributions delivered to her by fugitive Norman Hsu, a big contributor and fund-raiser for her presidential campaign.

If you missed it, Hsu skipped a hearing yesterday, forefiting his $2 million bail:

Democratic Party fund-raiser Norman Hsu skipped a court date in California yesterday, forfeiting $2 million in bail on 1991 grand-theft charges and becoming a fugitive, amid lingering questions about his role in helping to finance key campaigns this year.

Investigators tracking Hsu ought to call Hillary’s campaign people and immediately demand the names of every bundled contributor as these are people the fugitive is most likely to contact.  If Hsu isn’t grabbed today or tomorrow, I doubt very much if we will ever get him –Hillary’s preferred outcome, of course.  But just because she’s got to be hoping he gets back to Hong Kong before the police catch him doesn’t mean authorities should allow her campaign to refuse to turn over very relevant information. 

Those names are key to the attempt to catch up with Hsu.  They should be demanded and turned over today.  Perhaps even the threat of having his network publicized would get the fugitive to come in from the cold.

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