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There Stands Hillary, Like A Stone Wall

Thursday, September 6, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Norman Hsu

The Los Angeles Times has a story on the failure of Hillary Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu to show up for a court date.  Buried deep in the story, the real lede:

The Clinton campaign has said it will give $23,000 in direct donations from Hsu to charity, but keep the money he bundled. Wolfson declined to release the names of bundled donors. He said that the campaign had not been contacted by the FBI about Hsu’s fundraising.

If the dirty money had been funnelled to a GOP candidate, would the MSM take Howard Wolfson’s stonewall and bury it on the jump? 

Every contribution Hsu bundled and sent on to Hillary is dirty, and will paint a map for the press –if it was interested– of who Hsu is and what he was attempting to gain.  If one or more of his bundled contributions come from other felons or con artists, we’d get a picture of one part of Hillary’s core support team.

But she is a Clinton after all, so the MSM won’t be pushing for the names anytime soon.

But what about public corruption officials at DOJ and the FEC? 

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