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There is Outrage and Much, Much More (UPDATED)

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UPDATE – 9/24/18

OK – I wrote the below last week when we were just dealing with Ford allegations in re: Kavanaugh.  And now, this morning we have the Ramirez allegations added.  I just have a single response –


No seriously – this is so obviously an attempt to delay the hearings until after the election in the hopes they can then control the Senate and kill the nomination.  Kavanaugh got through hearings, they were setting a vote, and Bingo! up pops the Ford allegations.  They come to an agreement with Ford to get her heard and a vote set and here comes Ramirez.  The timing is too perfect.  There is just enough information to require investigation (delay) but not enough to actually be actionable.  What makes them think we are going to buy this?

More importantly, let’s talk about the real victimization here.  We have now two women who have clearly been hurt in the past – and we have Democrat operatives manipulating them, making them subject to public, PUBLIC!, humiliation concerning their past pain for political gain.  And once all this is over, do you think those same operatives are going to offer these women the kind of emotional support they will need after airing all this in front of the nation?  I don’t.  These women are going to be run through a Democrat/media grist mill and left ground up, reconstituted into nothing.  There is a lot to be outraged about, but that is the most outrageous, that in the name of helping victims, they would victimize them.

And now back to the original post…



The host tweeted this morning:

He has that right – to a point.  Number one, everybody is willing to assume that Dr. Ford has suffered some sort of injury and that it has festered in her life for a long time.  Everybody is sympathetic and wants to help her.  But I think he understates by simply saying people are “outraged,” this is beyond that.  I think “Mad as hell,”might just cover it.  Some people are dealing with their anger using humor, but honestly sometimes the resentment runs so deep that the humor just does not give it adequate ventilation.

If you think about it, the very election of Donald Trump is an expression of the outrage.  People are so fed up with this kind of nonsense that they voted completely and totally outside-the-box.  And yet the rest of Washington does not seem to have received the message and all that does is add frustration to people’s already existing outrage.  Since people do not seem to be getting the message, I want to make a list of a few things that come to mind, I am sure you, the reader, have a few of your own.

People are sick-and tired of double standards.  This is deep stuff.  This is more than just people maneuvering for political advantage.  People want to be good people – they want to know how good people behave.  But when what is good behavior and what is bad behavior morphs, constantly, based on political advantage, then not only do they not know how to be good – they are left feeling powerless.

Relatedly – they are tired of dictates from on high.  Whether it be the gross over-regulation of the Obama administration or a Supreme Court that has invented stuff from thin air over the last several decades, they again are left with no solid ground to stand on.  They want an originalist Supreme Court.  It’s not about Roe or Obergefell, it is about stability in the rules.  Stability in the rules empowers the individual – that’s all they want.

People have absolutely had it, I mean HAD IT, with elected officials that are utterly ignorant.  Or are they really ignorant?  Is it more of the ignoring, or changing, the rules for political advantage?

Which brings to a more tender area of fed up.

Rules, stable rules, mean that sometimes people will win and sometimes people will lose.  It’s just a fact.  Losers are not victims, they are just losers.  Hurts to lose, but all of us have lost at some point in our lives and most of us chock it up to lessons learned and keep moving.  And most of us are sick-and-tired of people claiming losing as victimhood and trying to bring the entire world to a screeching halt and change its rotation around their particular claimed victimhood.

There is a great deal of sympathy and support in this world for legitimate victims.  Most of us are more than willing to give a legitimate victim lots of space and time to deal with whatever happened to them.  We are happy to support them, provided they are working to recover.  But too many legitimate victims don’t want to recover from what happened; they want to use their victimization as a means to political gain.

The bottom line is this, people are simply done with feeling like they are standing on quicksand, being kept off balance.  They don’t want a handout, they don’t want a favor –  they just want some solid ground to stand on so they can get busy and build for themselves.  If people in “the bubble” have not figured that out – they are the ones standing on quicksand.


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