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There Are Always Consequences

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VA Governor Ralph Northam has a press conference any minute now.  He has been the center of a fire storm in the last few days.  This is the man that talking about allowing birthed babies to die on the parents whim under the proposed VA abortion expansion.  Unapologetically soas predicted.  But that, sadly, is not the reason he has his back in a corner and if he does not resign at this mornings presser will likely have to in the week or two ahead.  Nope, he screwed up in med-school – bad.  If you’re a Dem and you do something that violates the accepted Dem norms this badly, well, your days are numbered.

These photographs deemed so-hideously racist date back to the 1980’s but have only recently surfaced.  Now, I want you to ask yourself something – do you think that was an accident?  Really?  Somebody has been sitting on those photos for a very long time.  They probably figured, “Oh, let the guy be, let him pursue his career.  Why make him suffer for his poor judgement when he was terribly young?”  What changed their mind?  Could it be his abortion stance?  Maybe, but NY’s Governor Cuomo is not currently suffering in the same kind of fire storm.  Gov. Cuomo quickly figured out the abortion thing was a hot potato and shut his yap.  But not Northam, the man has not only continued to defend the indefensible, he has painted graphic word pictures of the very hideousness involved.

That’ll have two effects.  For one, many moderate Dems will clearly get the picture just how radical the law actually was.  Secondly, this has energized pro-life conservatives like nothing has since the Clinton administration.  Given that, if I were a Dem I’d want this guy out of the public eye ASAP.  Odds on bet – while these photos surfaced at a conservative outlet, they were surfaced by a Dem.

The good news is this effectively spells the end of these birth canal, and post-birth, “abortion” bills – at least for now.  This kind of thing could only be done quickly, quietly and somewhat clandestinely.  NY may have ignited the klieg light, but Northam placed it square and center on this ugliness.  Ephesians 5:11 says, “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;…”  Gov Northam exposed them, unwittingly perhaps, but expose them he did.  The evil of these laws is exposed by the need to keep them in dark corners and pass them quietly.

I wish no man ill, even Gov Northam.  But the irony in this mess is pretty sweet.

UPDATE: Gov Northam has clearly forgotten the first rule of holes.


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