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Then I’d Hate To See What “Unprepared” Looks Like

Monday, May 31, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Team Obama’s Carol Browner on yesterday’s Meet the Press: “We have been prepared from the beginning.”

Turns out that Alinsky didn’t have a chapter on effective administration of disaster, and while the president and his team refuse to authorize a key berm plan (see below), they have completely bungled the first 41 days of the response to the oil rig explosion.

The Washington Post runs its first “consequences of the incompetence” piece, and thousands more could be written, from every town along the coast, about every business and family suffering as a result of the Obama paralysis.

“We should have built the berms” will be the single summary line for the post-explosion fiasco. How long will the president delay in doing the obvious?


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