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The Zogby Shock

Friday, October 31, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Yes, it is a one day sample.

Yes it’s Zogby.

But imagine what the number would be if the Los Angeles Times was a newspaper and not a press agent, if the MSM had spent as much time probing Senator Obama’s tax plans as it had Joe the Plumber’s tax liens, and if Obama hadn’t broken his word about public financing.

When Obama declared last night that it was five days until he “fundamentally transformed” America, he let slip just as candid a moment as when he told Joe about his plans to “spread the wealth,” and as when Joe Biden told us to “Mark my words.”

Never have so few phrases moved so many undecided voters.

Will it be enough? Pennsylvania? Ohio? New Hampshire? Every middle class voter who wants their money back and growth to return?

For some weekend reading,try my new column on what Ayers, Rezko, Phleger and Wright might be thinking these days.

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