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“The WSJ and NYT apps are downright bad…”

Saturday, June 12, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The Atlantic’s Clive Crook has a review of the iPad which almost exactly mirrors my thoughts after a week with the device.

His disappointment with the response to the iPad of some of the biggest names in MSM should be passed around all major newsrooms. (He doesn’t mention that USA Today has succeeded with an app where the Times and Journal have thus far failed, but I have yet to find another big paper that has jumped on the opportunity in front of it.)

I cannot understand how major media organizations have not done whatever is necessary to provide an extraordinary app here at the launch of a new era in media consumption. Market share is up for grabs and some of the biggest brands in the business are in essence missing the story and the opportunity to make up ground lost through the past decade.

How slow can some media elites be, and how resigned to eclipse their management? Even if they didn’t anticipate the sweeping success of the platform, they have weeks now to order up a crash effort and get into the game before news consumption patterns among iPad users solidify and the buzz on what is worth the effort travels far and wide.

I am speaking Sunday at the American Freedom Alliance’s conference on the state of media and this obvious lethargy should dominate the day’s conversations. Once again MSM is allowing itself to fall behind in a battle they ought to have dominated from day one.

Memo to any of the old brands: Throw money at Lileks until he agrees to come on to your team and design your iPad response and then supervise its content.


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