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The Wisconsin Showdown: Taxpayers v. Public Employee Unions

Thursday, February 17, 2011  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

House GOP members should watch the Wisconsin showdown very closely. Governor Walker and the Badger state GOP legislators will emerge far stronger for facing down the fury of the public employee unions, and the people of the state are being shown exactly what the stakes are. The public employee unions intend that everything be sacrificed for their contract benefits, and the governor is saying no.

The left is intent on mobilizing the mob and of course the MSM will spin this for the unions, but Governor Walker and his allies have the voters behind them because the facts of insolvency are indeed very stubborn things.

If the House GOP fights as hard as Walker for deep cuts, the public will rally to them. If they continue to disappoint by protecting Amtrack, legal Services Corporation etc, their supporters will melt away.

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