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The Whole World Is Watching

Monday, September 18, 2006  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The manufactured outrage to the –at worst– careless reference to history by Pope Benedict, followed by the violence even after the Pope’s humble expression of regret underscores again how the world-wide jihadist media machine stands ready to instantly seize upon any opportunity to interpret any bit of news in a fashion to advance their cause, which is indeed a rekindling of ancient hatreds and global wars.  This deep desire for war to the end with the West is one of the powerful messages of The Looming Tower, which is why I keep encouraging everyone to read and absorb Lawrence Wright’s brilliant new best-seller.  The New Yorker’s writer’s storytelling ability is exactly what the general audience needed to convey the nature of the enemy and its relentlessness and fanatical mission.  This war isn’t about the price of oil or the Palestinian state.  It is very much about the murder of nuns in Somalia on any excuse whatsoever.

Given the existence and round-the-clock operation of this Salafist propaganda machine, my question for colleagues in the ‘sphere and e-mailers is this: How will that machine interpret significant Democratic gains in November’s elections?  What will the Islamist world be told about, say, the defeat of a Santorum or the replacement of Speaker Hastert with Speaker Pelosi?  It isn’t an unintended consequence if you can see it coming.

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