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The Week Benghazi Broke Open

Sunday, May 5, 2013  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

This is the week that Benghazi breaks open, and California Republican Darrell Issa gets the credit for forcing the issue to the forefront.  A key hearing is happening on May 8, and the details are below in a graphic released by House Oversight and Investigations Chairman Darrell Issa.

As Congressman John Campbell strongly suggests below, Issa ought to be named chair of a new Select Committee on Benghazi and the Boston bombings, and before any more delay, a committee more-than-adequately staffed with experienced prosecutors and investigators.  The joint report from the five committees conducting various investigations did not move the needle, but a Select Committee will, especially if the Select Committee includes gifted communicators like John Campbell and military veterans of this war like Tom Cotton and Duncan Hunter.  Mike Rogers and Ken Calvert are obvious choices, as are Shelley Moore Capito and Ed Royce, but whomever ends up on the panel, they have to be able to concisely lay out and explain what happened and the details of the cover-up as well as the details of the broken Visa system that allowed the Boston bomber brothers to come and plot unmolested.

I will try and get Chairman Issa booked for Monday or Tuesday for a preview of the Wednesday hearings. In the meantime, read the joint report from the five chairs, and watch the MSM cover for a White House and State Department that is sinking deeper and deeper into the cover-up swamp.

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