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The Wave Grows, and the President Fuels It

Wednesday, October 27, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The average of assessments on the battle for the House shows that the GOP “wave” is growing, with the average pick-up now at 62 seats.

Expect it to grow higher still as the president’s incredibly divisive campaigning style –“punish your enemies” and the Republicans can “sit in the back of the car”– serves to remind all voters why there was no compromise on Obamacare, and how the jam down that insulted them all is just the Chicago/Alinskyite way. Powerline’s Scott Johnson collects all the “Signs and Omens” here. President “I won, you lost” is out reminding voters every day that he broke his promise of a new kind of politics just as he reneged on the “guarantee” that people could keep the insurance and doctor they had if they wanted to. The president is nationalizing the election that every sane Democrat wanted to localize.

The president’s brass knuckled rhetoric and the vice president’s buffoonery are driving more independents towards the GOP and Obamacare’s costs (see below) will push many Democrats there as well. When the federal employees figure out they are getting health care premium hikes, word will spread through the vast government employee network that Obamacare screwed them as well. They won’t be able to say so out loud, but Democrats who aren’t in union leadership have lots of reasons to vote against the D.C. elites as well.

Why is the president adopting such party-destroying tactics so late in the game? Why is Pelosi of all people out on the trail reminding all voters that a vote for any Democrat is a vote for her?

Pelosi’s obtuseness is legendary, but the president simply doesn’t know any other way. Stanley Kurtz’s new book, Radical-in-Chief, provides an explanation for the president’s astonishing stump tactics, and he will be my guest today in the third hour.

Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism

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