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The Wasilla City Council

Tuesday, September 2, 2008  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

On Sunday I wrote about the advantages that a decade’s service as a small town city council member and mayor would provide Governor Palin the campaign ahead and as vice president.

This morning I looked up the August 2008 agenda of the Wasilla City Council and, not surprisingly, found there the myriad of issues that thousands of city councils deal with every month –annexations. leases, the use of forfeiture funds, historical preservation commissions, ec etc etc. Nothing glamorous. Certainly nothing worthy of an address to the world in Berlin. Just the ordinary but improtant work of local government.

These sorts of issues play out on small stages, certainly, but they represent real decisions with real impact on individuals and communities. The skills sets developed and honed in this setting though very real do not impress the Beltway bigs, and the Manhattan media elite has been choking back laughter since Governor Palin’s selection was announced (and this though hardly any of them could read an oil lease much less review one). Every small town official and employee has got to hear this in the reporting and regardless of party, understand the contempt behind this coverage.

The elitism embedded in all of the attacks on Governor Palin is becoming more and more obvious and is itself beginning to add to the fuel behind the Palin breakout. The collision between elites and ordinary citizens is unfolding at a very rapid pace, and the spirit of reform and change isn’t with the elites or their chosen candidate.

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