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The Washington Post Poll: 7% More Democrats Than Republicans In Sample: Obama Leads By 8

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It remains a 1 point race according to Rasmussen’s saily tracker –tied if “leaners” are included in the numbers.

But MSM must play its games, and today it is the Washington Post’s turn to put out absurdity dressed up as “polling.”

This is truly a dog bites man poll, and an embarassment to the Washington Post. If they sampled 100% Democrats, the lead would be even larger for Obama, but of course then it would be obvious what they are doing with the sample. A 7% D over R advantage among likely voters skews the results badly, especially when one considers the sweep of the Buckeye State in 2010 by the GOP.

Further undermining confidence in the WaPo results is another new Ohio poll from Gravis Consulting that shows a one point Obama lead, despite its sample screen including a 10% edge for Democrats over Republicans.

Ed Morrissey rounds up the back-and-forth between pollsters and their critics. The pollsters increasingly sound like arrogant alchemists who must not be questioned, and their insecurity as well as their refusal to confront the real problem of using the 2008 turnout model increases doubt in their alleged “professionalism.” Real professionals answer questions with confidence and clarity. They don’t spin and hide.

Perhaps the Post felt the need to give the president a little boost because so much has gone wrong for him in the past three weeks, beginning with his flat speech to the Democratic convention and the rapid loss of his bounce despite the attempt of the combined forces of the MSM to turn the narrative in the campaign to one of Mitt Romney’s gaffes.

Instead the president’s blunders abroad and the continued economic decline at home have reasserted themselves, along with the slow and awful revelation of the reality of his incompetence on many crucial fronts. Today’s long New York Times piece on the president’s collapsed Middle East policy as well as the still emerging details of the disaster in Benghazi —“a catastrophic intelligence loss”— are crushing the president’s remaining claims to foreign policy fame. (Oh, by the way, here is a story on China’s brand new aircraft carrier, and here is a story on the devastating loss of eight Marine Corps Harrier jet to the Taliban attack in Afghnaistan.) The Washington Post’s Joby Warrick reviews the stops and starts of the president’s Iran policy which ends up being a long march to nowhere, and Warrick’s piece ends by acknowledging “Iran’s success in adding thousands of centrifuge machines to its underground facility — and the inexorable growth of its uranium stockpile.”

The after-effects of the president’s “To some extent” pratfall on 60 Minutes continue to show up, as in this morning’s Wall Street Journal editorial, “The 10% President.” Because the president referred to himself as “eye candy” on The View yesterday, expect a day or more of endless mocking of the president who provides endless opportunities to mock.

The sense of the growing panic among Obamians is palpable, and the narcotic effect of loaded polls has worn off. Such stiuff can only have an impact for a bit, then everyone starts looking for the screen, and when the paper hides it deep –as the Post did this morning– the credibility gap between stroy and public grows larger. No wonder paper circulation is plummeting. The serial attempts to trick readers telegraphs contempt, and contempt doesn’t sell many papers or ads.


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