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The Vince Flynn Interview and

Friday, February 6, 2009  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

The transcript of today’s Vince Flynn interview is here. The podcasts are here.

And the song of the week –which we played yesterday because of today’s special with Flynn– was “Paper Box” by Gayle Skidmore.

The outlines of the “deal” on the stimulus convey only that the bill remains as awful and as partisan as it has been from the start. Getting Senators Collins, Snowe and Specter to support it does not in any way remedy President Obama’s breach of a commitment to bipartisanship or a new way of legislating, and of course the three votes does nothing to remove the stench from the bill. The first reports suggest it remains a giant slab of special interest pork with little if any stimulative effect but enormous outyear costs. Hopefully the House and Senate GOP will refuse to provide cover for the vast explosion of ineffective spending. Elections have consequences, and voters are waking up to the reality of having empowered the same old democrats using the same old tactics of paying off their friends with taxpayer money, even when the economy is in real need of real stimulus.

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