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The Victory Caucus

Tuesday, February 20, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Mark Tapscott:

“[V]irtually nobody in the Washington Establishment is speaking for those in heartland America who want victory against the terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere. That’s why Victory Caucus is getting such a tremendous response so quickly. People “out there in the real world” beyond the Washington Beltway yearn for leaders who speak for them on behalf of winning.”

Politico notices as well.

The growth of the Victory Caucus represents the combination of the internet skills of NZ Bear and the lassitude of Beltway Republicans.  If the GOP is awake it will quickly begin recruiting and publicizing the candidates with appeal to the sort of voter represented by the Victory Caucus.  They will also announce to the White Flag Republicans that they have made their choice, and they cannot expect the party to order shields up.

The voters involved in the VC want the Republican Party to act as though it believes in the mission in Iraq by identifying new faces and new voices with military experience to challenge the 2006 Democrats in red districts.  The opportunity exists to channel the tremendous energy unleashed by the “slow bleed” Democrats, as Mark Steyn calls them.  But the GOP’s Comngressional leadership needs to wake up to the fact that the activists are amazed at their inaction and defensiveness.

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