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The Utility of Fences

Wednesday, November 30, 2005  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

From an op-ed in today’s Washington Post, “Foolish Fences,” by Princeton sociology professor Douglas Massey:

Unfortunately, unilateral attempts to close the border won’t solve the problem of undocumented immigrants. They will only make it worse.

This assertion is simply absurd. It might be difficult to, say, build a border long fence and the roads to patrol it (not as difficult as the construction of the interstate highway system, though). And it might strain relations with Mexico. Such a fence would certainly not end illegal immigration as fences can be gotten over and under, and there are thousands of other entry points in the United States.

But it is just foolishness to argue that a fence would not dramatically cut the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States, even as the fence along the border in San Diego has done.

When anyone entering the immigration control debate refuses to admit the obvious, their credibility is gone.

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