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The Upside of Resolve: Re-Elect John Cornyn

Thursday, January 25, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

TheNRSCPledge campaign has been an exercise in alerting Republican senators to the downside of encouraging the enemy via a vote for the Biden or the Warner resolutions.  And it has been a very effective exercise, with more than 10,000 pledge takers already enrolled, and a blogroll of hundreds –now organized by N.Z.Bear according to their inbound links.  Only a senator with levels of vanity off the charts would be indifferent to the message being sent, and the new media support for that message. We hope more individuals take the pledge and more bloggers sign up as well. 

There is a parallel message that should go out as well, which is of strong support for the senators who are committed in word –and deed– to victory and to genuine as opposed to rhetorical support of the troops.  One such senator is John Cornyn of Texas.

Senator Cornyn of Texas is up for re-e-election in 2008, and those who oppose the Warner resolution but also wish to underscore that they are indeed serious about supporting senators who support victory should visit and make a contribution to his re-election.

It can be $25 or $2,000, but dig deep to demonstrate that senators who support the troops can rely on the base just as those who do not can be certain of non-support.

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