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“The United States Has Never Entered A Real War,” plus the Philly Show

Wednesday, September 22, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

With so much attention being paid to Bob Woodward’s revelation of President Obama’s confidence that the U.S. can absorb another terrorist attack as well as his, well, fingers-in-his-ears and very petulant approach to war –“I will not want to hear ‘We’re doing fine Mr. President but we’d be better if we just do more.’ We’re not going to be having a conversation about how to change [the mission]…unless we’re talking about how to draw down faster than anticipated.”– you may have missed President Ahmadinejad’s blunt threat about the aftermath of any action by the U.S. against Iran:

“The United States has never entered a real war, not in Vietnam, not in Afghanistan, not even World War II. War is not just bombing someplace. When it starts it has no limits.”

Good thing the enemy respects our political leadership enough not to threaten us when he is visiting New York.

Mike Gallagher and I will be discussing the two presidents and the almost-upon-us election in downtown Philadelphia Thursday night. Details are here.

On tonight’s show: Pat Toomey and Patrick Meehan, candidates for Senate and the House in Pennslyvania.


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