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The Trials Of Katie Couric

Monday, July 9, 2007  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

Ed Driscoll has the latest.

What is very odd about the old media’s tear down of KC is that she is every bit the equal of all of the other news readers except Brit Hume.  Hume is the only one of them that I look to for original analysis, and while all of them seem pleasant enough, I am unaware of even a single bit of writing by any of the big three that is memorable or moved a story forward.  The criticism of Couric thus seems to me to be utterly empty: What are the complaints, exactly?  That she is less incisive than Brian Williams?  Not as deep as Charlie Gibson?  All three do pretty much the same things and do them pretty much the same –the smooth delivery of headlines and lead-ins– and each is a captive of their news division staffs as well as audience dynamics independent of their talents.  KC is not an embrassament like Dan Rather, and her numbers seem the function of an aging audience more comfortable with older white guys reading the news.  CBS is making a play for a different demo, and perhaps it will work and perhaps it won’t, but I doubt very much that the talent differentials between the network anchors account for the differences in numbers.


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