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The Three Big House GOP Leadership Races

Monday, November 8, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

First there is Hensarling v. Bachmann. The transcript of my interview with Jeb Hensarling is here. The transcript of my interview with Michele Bachmann from today is here.

Next there is the contest between the two Republicans who would like to chair the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee. The transcript of my interview today with John Shimkus is here, and the transcript of my conversation with Fred Upton will be posted here as soon it is available. (Upton was on in hour three, Shimkus in hour one if you are listening on the No matter who wins, Carol Browner should be expecting a subpoena in January, a summons which will raise an interesting constitutional issue, namely, can a president avoid oversight by simply expanding the White House staff far beyond what it has ever been in the past?

Finally, there is the contest between Ed Royce and Spencer Bachus to chair the House Financial Services Committee. Congressman Bachus did not help himself with Tea Party supported freshmen members with his slam on Sarah Palin over the weekend. There is no upside to Republicans attacking Republicans period.


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