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The Test and the Choice

Friday, June 4, 2010  |  posted by Hugh Hewitt

If your life depended upon understanding a complicated set of facts, say in a book or a movie, or just a situation you found yourself in –on whose interpretation would you rely, that of Charles Krauthammer or of Andrew Sullivan?

Israel faces an extraordinarily dangerous, life-of-the-nation-threatening situation. American supporters of Israel looking for analysis should ask themselves the same question as above: Whom do you trust when the stakes are that high?

Krauthammer and Sullivan are excellent representatives of the two camps in this debate. Ambassador Oren articulated the position of Israel last night on my program, so now Americans have to choose between these two views. Sullivan is a very reliable guide to the thinking, beliefs and likely policy predispositions of the president and his senior advisors. Krauthammer quite clearly reflects the opinions of the Bush Administration.

Make a choice.


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